Debra Yates and Benjamin Burle, visionary Mother and Son designers, are passionate about and focused on bringing sophisticated and sustainable exterior design to coastal landscapes, redefining the importance of outdoor living. Their stylish projects are created with knowledge and integrity. Living with nature is their mantra. “We create mature natural habitat in a harmonious and sophisticated way.” says Yates, blending the interior spaces with the outdoors and functionality with an elegant yet timeless look. Known for their eco-friendly spaces and innovative yet old school design approaches, Yates and Burle envelope discerning clients in natural harmony. “You will have a landscape in which to live not just to walk over,” says Yates. “Our natural gardens are alive and every tree is personally selected.” Every detail is carefully considered and choreographed. Pools and structures become sculptural elements."

Subtle outdoor living rooms are intertwined with nature and shaded by mature, native palms and trees which appear to have always been there. Every client has unique taste and concepts are conceived to celebrate, compliment and enhance their lifestyle. From boutique hotel design to private estates from La Jolla to Islamorada, Key West to Palm Beach, natural beauty, warmth, functionality and light are paramount. They consider all of their work, The Art of Space. As principal designer of Yates Burle Studio, Debra Yates has many years of professional design experience. Debra named her son Burle after her dear friend and protege, Roberto Burle Marx. Debra is a 4th generation Key West Conch, inspired by Roberto everyday. Benjamin, an interior designer by degree, was born in Coconut Grove. He has a tremendous knowledge of indigenous plantings in coastal landscapes and a passion for creating sculptural naturalistic gardens of great character.

Debra Yates

Debra Yates has been creating great spaces for most of her life. She spent her childhood in Key West and began her design career as an advertising agency art director in New York City. For many years while the Creative Director of Florida Home and Garden Magazine located in Miami, Yates designed interior and exterior spaces that were published internationally. For fourteen years her design studio was based in Key West where her distinctive stylish projects made a strong statement. Her design for the Truman Hotel has been attracting a European Clientele since it was first opened in 2010. Her Key West work has been published in many design books and publications from the New York Times to Garden Design. In 2014, The Design Center of the Americas named Debra Designer of the year for landscape and spatial design. In 2016 she relocated her studio to Palm Beach County. Her focus is on integrating warm and functional outdoor living spaces, with sophisticated natural gardens. Debra Yates is an accomplished abstract painter. She has had 23 solo shows of her work from Wynwood to the Hamptons, but that is another story.